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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 11 09:01
Valmiera FC and FS Jelgava are granted licenses for participation in the Virsliga
https://lff.lv/zinas/14595/valmiera-fc- ... -virsliga/
02 February 2023

"Valmiera FC" has fulfilled the discrepancies indicated in the expert opinion of the financial criterion, because according to the statement of the State Revenue Service (SRS) on February 2, the club does not have a tax debt administered by the SRS on January 31. Valmiera FC has also submitted a payment order for the payment of the debt to FC "Shakhtar Donetsk" on February 2.

Consequently, the Council has decided to grant a license to "Valmiera FC" to participate in the 2023 Virsliga championship, provided that the club submits or supplements documents for full compliance with the infrastructure criteria by March 1 in accordance with the implementation of Section 27 of the Regulations.

At the moment, the non-compliance indicated by the expert of the legal criteria for the inclusion of FK "Jelgava" in the legal structure of FS "Jelgava" no longer exists, as changes have been made in the composition of the board of FS "Jelgava". At the same time, in the process of changing the board member, FS "Jelgava" has not complied with Paragraph 11(4) of the Regulations. The Council does not find any other provisions of the regulations on the basis of which it should be recognized that FK "Jelgava" is part of the legal structure of FS "Jelgava". Consequently, the financial indicators of FK "Jelgava" are not taken into account in the evaluation of FS "Jelgava". Therefore, the Council takes into account the opinion of a financial expert regarding the individual financial indicators of FS "Jelgava".

The Council has decided to grant a license to FS "Jelgava" for participation in the 2023 Virsliga championship, provided that FS "Jelgava" submits or supplements documents for full compliance with the personnel and administrative criteria (paragraphs 41 and 43) by March 1 and eliminates non-compliance with paragraph 11 of Paragraph 4 of the Regulations.

The Council further draws the attention of FS "Jelgava" to the fact that FS "Jelgava" has concluded a cooperation agreement with FK "Jelgava", on the basis of which the fulfilment of sports criteria is ensured. FK "Jelgava" has unfulfilled financial obligations based on the decisions of FIFA's legal institutions, and further sanctions on the part of FIFA or LFF cannot be excluded. Consequently, FS "Jelgava" itself bears the risk of the consequences that may occur during the season if such sanctions are applied.
Čia įdomus kampas, kad Jelgava pakeitė juridinį vienetą. Taip išeina turi priteistų skolų FIFA komitete.
The new "Optibet" Virsliga season will start on March 11, but the end is scheduled for November 11.

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 11 09:06
Valmiera's income for Arokodare reaches three million euros
https://sportacentrs.com/futbols/virsli ... i_sasniedz

Yesterday, on the last day of the transfer period, Tolu Arokodare's transition to Belgium's "Genk" for five million was announced. From the point of view of "Valmiera", including the previous rental income, about three million euros were obtained, according to the information available to Sportacentrs.com.

Below these three million lies a more complex calculation, including both rental income for the 2020/21 season from the Cologne club, rental and sales income from France's Amiens, and 20% of the sale fee difference between the transfer of those five million euros to the buyout paid by Amiens.

Although in fact "Amiens" sold the player "Genk", "Valmiera", which had sold Arokodare to "Amiens" with a mandatory buy-out ransom, also had a big say in the transaction. This fee could have been made by "Amiens" half a year later, but in the contract the French club also had the option to redeem Tola faster and this option was also used yesterday.

There were also variants of "Anderlecht" and "Salernitana" to continue Arokodare's career, however, "Genk" at the last minute, on the last day of the transfer period, sold the best striker Paul Onuach for about 21 million euros to "Southampton" and watched the replacement in the person of Arokodare. "Genk" offered better conditions than "Anderlecht", and not for the first time the Brussels club was unable to get its goal tola.

Although, in the case of Arokodare, the 3.0 million euros received by "Valmieras" are formed through a complex formula and also include income from his rent (the inflation factor should also be taken into account), it is safe to say that this is one of the most successful transfers in the history of the Virsliga. According to information in various media, at one time Riga's "Skonto" received 2.8 million for Andrei Rubin's transition to "Crystal Palace", a little less was brought in by the sales of Jurs Laizāns and Māris Verpakovskis by "Skonto".
Tuo tarpu vakar Valmiera padarė dar vieną pardavimą. Tolu Arokodre buvo išpirktas Amiens klubo, kuris iš karto jį pardavė į Belgijos Genk už €5 milijonus.

Priklausomai nuo šaltinio Valmiera už išpirką gavo arba 1 arba 1.5 milijono.

Taip sakant 8-)

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 11 12:14
Latvijoje VAR bus naudojamas jau nuo pirmo turo, bus panaudotas 40% Virsligos rungtynių šiais metais.

Latvian football is approaching a historic moment: the VAR system in the Virsliga in just a month
https://sportacentrs.com/futbols/virsli ... iskam_mirk

"At the moment we continue to work on the technical side, we are actively cooperating with TV4 people here, we are conducting experiments and trials in several stadiums to understand what it will look like in practice and what we should count on," Treimanis described the work process.

"Previously, live broadcasts of the Virsliga games were produced with a minimum of four cameras, but VAR needs two 16-meter cameras placed opposite the edge of the penalty area, and this also affects the work of television. But overall, the project is going according to plan, cooperation has been established with leading technology providers in Europe in this area, recently there has been training of judges in accordance with FIFA requirements, as well as training of repeat operators."

It's the job of repeat operators to help the referees by showing them what happened in the best angles so that the referees have as much information as possible about what happened on the pitch. In total, eight chief judges, eight assistant judges and eight repetition operators will be ready to work with the VAR system.

"In the first season, VAR is expected to have 40% of games, which is an average of two matches out of five per round of games. On the first round of games, there is a plan to CAN be used in 1 game round. With everything going positively, the number of games with VAR in one round can be grown to 3 games," Treimanis said. "Why not in all? Of course, it's a financial issue, it's also a human resources issue, as well as partly an infrastructure issue."

In Latvian football, at the beginning of the season, natural grass fields are not yet played due to the climate, and Treimanis did not hide that in the context of VAR, the beginning of the season, when it will be played on still artificial pavement fields, will be more problematic: "These fields have fencing that is close to the edges of the field, and there are problems with the placement of the necessary cameras, they come too close to the field, which makes it difficult for them to work accurately. FIFA's minimum requirements include a main camera, a close-up of the main camera and two 16-meter cameras placed opposite the edge of the penalty area. From the image provided by these cameras, it will also be possible to produce a back line so that the correctness of the decisions made in the referee's field can be immediately verified."

There is mostly positive feedback from the Premier League clubs themselves about the upcoming introduction of VAR, but some clubs object directly to the planned frequency of use of VAR, namely that it would be necessary either in all games or in none so that all teams have the same conditions. The question is also asked how the games in which VAR will be used will be selected.

Treimanis disagreed with the first objection, pointing out that VAR reduces the number of refereeing errors and, accordingly, a 40% reduction in errors is also better than nothing. On this 40% choice of games, however, Treimanis pointed out that the game selection mechanism is still in the process of discussion and that the experience of other countries is taken into account and FIFA's recommendations are being heard.

In a month's time, Latvia will become the first Baltic state to have a full-fledged VAR system in its football league. VAR will also be in Estonia, but Treimanis stressed that our northern neighbours will use an experimental version of VAR with a smaller staff. Also, following the example of Latvia and Estonia, the Lithuanian side is increasingly interested in the VAR system, but this season the full VAR system will be only in Latvia. Treimanis and LFF had previously estimated the total cost of the project for the use of the VAR system in all Virsliga games at 700 thousand euros. Now that VAR is approaching its debut in the Latvian Virsliga, Treimanis was able to note that these predictions have been accurate in proportion to the number of games.

"Of course, if you look purely in numbers, then the amount of payouts per game is slightly higher, but this is due to inflation and world events. But in general, there has been no huge unforeseen increase in costs, and mostly everything has been realized according to plan. Of course, I'd always like to see a place in the budget for something else," smiled the football referee, "but everything should be fine in the introduction. There's still a month of time where there's a lot of organizational work and preparation, but I'm looking forward to the beginning of March with optimism."

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 21 00:17
Riga FC pasirengimo cikle atrodė neprastai, kol nesisitiko su FK Sarajevo. Bosnijos klubas su buv. žalgiriečiais nugalėjo rezultatu 2:0. :roll:

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 23 11:26
FC Riga sudėtis atrodo tikrai grėsminga, jie vis stiprinasi ir stiprinasi. Gerai, kad nedalyvauja ČL šiemet, nes manau tikrai būtų grupėse ir nebūtinai konferencijų lygoje. Aišku jie ir feilina, neveltui čempionais nėra jau du sezonus.

RFS aiškiai susilpnėjo praradę čempionų pinigus.

Valmiera išsipardavė ir bus jauna komanda.

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 25 14:24
Kol Ekranas užsiėmęs žaidėjų atsisveikinimais su komanda ir net nesugeba savo FB parašyti draugiškų namų rungtynių rezultato, tenka landžioti po latviškus puslapius gaudant informaciją. Bet užtat radau du kitus įdomius dalykus: latviškai Paneviežos Ekranas pasirodo yra FC Screen :)
FC Screen - SK Super Nova Salaspils - 1:1 (0:1)

Antras įdomus dalykas - paskutinė 2022 m. Latvijos Virslygos komanda sugeba išvaryti į Turkiją:
We are pleased to announce that an unforgettable, interesting and important preparation stage awaits our team - SK Super Nova is going to a training camp in Turkey! Eight days of training and games, eight days of hard work and football mood.

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Parašytas: 2023 Vas 25 14:59
Beje, Latvijos Virslygos ekspertai, kodėl Super Nova lieka aukščiausioje? Nes Spartaks atsisakė?

Re: Futbolas Latvijoje

Parašytas: 2023 Vas 25 23:00
Beje, Latvijos Virslygos ekspertai, kodėl Super Nova lieka aukščiausioje? Nes Spartaks atsisakė?
Nors ne ekspertas, bet jums leidus, įkišiu savo trigrašį. Jūs, gerbiamasis, teisus. Spartakas atsisakė, o vienuolikti norėtojai buvo Gruobinios atstovai. Jie nė iš tolo netempia aukščiausios lygos. Apskritai, ankstesniais metais latviai stebėtinai laisvai dalino LFF-A tipo licencijas, o šiais metais dalino, bet kėlė reikalavimus. Trūkumus įpareigojo pašalinti, datas nustatė. Iš karto atfutbolino Spartaką ir Gruobiną, tad liko tie dešimt. :roll:

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Parašytas: 2023 Kov 04 16:36
Auda ir RFS žaidė, o po rungtynių RFS foto įmetė, kur jų Kouadio visas toks snieguotas. Beje, RFS turėjo vytis varžovus. Šaltame ore karšti vaikinai sunkiai užsiveda. :lol:

Pirma lyga (LV)

Parašytas: 2023 Kov 08 02:35
Dar neskaičiau, pasiskaitinėsiu... Devynios LFF B typo licencijos. :roll:
https://lff.lv/zinas/14652/licences-dal ... o-atlikts/
Licences dalībai ONL piešķirtas deviņiem klubiem, lēmums par desmito atlikts
Toms ĀrmanisToms Ārmanis03. marts 2023., 17:08

Latvijas Futbola federācijas (LFF) Klubu licencēšanas pirmās instances padome 3. martā, izvērtējot "Optibet" Nākotnes līgas 2023. gada sezonas dalībnieku atbilstību prasībām, piešķīra LFF B licenci deviņiem pretendentiem, bet par desmito licences ieguvēju lēmuma pieņemšana atlikta līdz 8. martam.

Papildus tam vienam pretendentam licence ir atteikta, bet dalībai turnīrā vēl ir pieteikušās arī četras virslīgas klubu dublieru komandas – "Riga FC-2", RFS-2, "Valmiera FC-2" un FK "Tukums 2000/TSS-2".

Pēc visu kritēriju pilnvērtīgas izpildes licence piešķirta JFK "Ventspils", "Leevon Saldus", FK "Dinamo Rīga" un "Rēzekne" klubiem. Pēdējais no tiem licences iegūšanai tika pielaists kā pirmais rezervists.

Grobiņas SC licence piešķirta ar nosacījumu, ka līdz 24. martam klubs iesniedz labojumus infrastruktūras (noteikumu 27. paragrāfs), kā arī personāla un administratīvo (noteikumu 31., 33. un 41. paragrāfs) kritēriju pilnvērtīgai izpildei.

JDFS "Alberts" licence piešķirta ar nosacījumu, ka līdz 24. martam klubs iesniedz labojumus infrastruktūras (noteikumu 27. paragrāfs) kritēriju pilnvērtīgai izpildei.

FK "Beitar" licence piešķirta ar nosacījumu, ka līdz 24. martam klubs iesniedz labojumus finanšu (noteikumu 61. paragrāfs) un personāla un administratīvo (noteikumu 30. un 33. paragrāfs) kritēriju pilnvērtīgai izpildei, kā arī līdz 1. septembrim pilnā apmērā izpilda LFF jaunatnes klubu akreditācijas nolikuma 2022.-2025. gadam p. 12.3.6. minētos nosacījumus sporta kritēriju izpildei.

Skanstes SK licence piešķirta ar nosacījumu, ka līdz 24. martam klubs iesniedz labojumus finanšu un infrastruktūras (noteikumu 27. paragrāfs) kritēriju pilnvērtīgai izpildei.

AFA "Olaine" licence piešķirta ar nosacījumu, ka līdz 24. martam klubs iesniedz labojumus finanšu (noteikumu 61. un 67. paragrāfs) kritēriju pilnvērtīgai izpildei.

FK Salaspils pieteikuma sakarā konstatēts, ka iesniegtais sadarbības līgums ar Rīgas valstspilsētas profesionālās ievirzes sporta izglītības iestādi "Rīgas Futbola skola" neatbilst LFF jaunatnes klubu akreditācijas nolikuma 2022.-2025. gadam prasībām. Uz FK "Salaspils" kā LFF B licences pretendentu ir attiecināms nolikuma 12.3.6. punkts, atbilstoši kuram LFF B licences pretendentiem, kas neatbilst nolikuma otrā līmeņa kluba prasībām, ir jānodrošina jaunatnes sistēmas atbilstība vismaz trešā līmeņa kluba prasībām un jāveic iemaksa LFF bankas kontā 25 000 EUR apmērā. Gadījumā, ja neatbilstība ir vairāk nekā vienu sezonu, tad, sākot ar katru nākamo gadu, ir jāveic iemaksa 50 000 EUR apmērā. Minētajā gadījumā, ņemot vērā to, ka neatbilstība ilgst otro sezonu, minētais maksājums veido 50 000 EUR. Līdz ar to lēmuma pieņemšana par licences piešķiršanu FK "Salaspils" tiek atlikta, nosakot, ka līdz 8. martam klubam ir jāizpilda klubu licencēšanas 16. paragrāfa un LFF jaunatnes klubu akreditācijas nolikuma 2022.-2025. gadam p.12.3.6. noteikumi.

FK "Smiltene" pieteikuma sakarā konstatēts, ka finanšu un infrastruktūras kritēriji ir izpildīti tikai daļēji. Ņemot vērā, ka FK "Smiltene" tika piešķirts licences pretendenta statuss kā otrajiem rezervistiem, lēmums par FK "Smiltene" kā LFF B licences pretendentu tiks pieņemts pēc lēmuma pieņemšanas par FK "Salaspils" licenci.

Saskaņā ar ekspertu atzinumiem FK "Spartaks" nav izpildījis finanšu kritērijus, pamatojoties uz noteikumu 63., 64., 65. un 66. paragrāfu. Klubam licence dalībai sacensībās netiek piešķirta.

Turnīrs divos apļos ar prognozētu 14 komandu dalību notiks no aprīļa līdz novembrim. Pirmās spēles paredzētas 7. aprīlī.

"Optibet" Nākotnes līgas pirmās vietas ieguvēja iegūs tiesības pārcelties uz "Optibet" Virslīgas čempionātu, bet otrās vietas ieguvēja aizvadīs pārspēles ar Virslīgas devīto labāko komandu. Vienības, kas "Optibet" Nākotnes līgas čempionātā ieņems 13. un 14. vietu, zaudēs tiesības piedalīties 2024. gada "Optibet" Nākotnes līgas čempionātā un savu vietu dos labākajām 2. līgas pārstāvēm. Komanda, kas 2023. gada čempionātā ieņems 12. vietu, divās pārspēlēs tiksies ar 2. līgas komandu, kas 2023. gada čempionātu noslēgs trešajā vietā.

Turnīram iespējams sekot līdzi Facebook un Instagram kontos.

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Parašytas: 2023 Kov 08 02:55
Ekspertų nuomone, FK „Spartaks“ neįvykdė finansinių kriterijų pagal nuostatų 63, 64, 65 ir 66 punktus. Klubui licencija dalyvauti varžybose nesuteikiama. Tarp 14 laimingųjų neatsiras vietos, tai, greičiausiai uždarys kontorą. :roll:

Dviejų ratų turnyras, kuriame dalyvaus 14 komandų, vyks balandžio – lapkričio mėnesiais.

Pirmosios rungtynės numatytos balandžio 7 d.

Atsirado kažkoks JFK Ventspils ir FK Beitar. Typo Jerusalymas ne tik Vilniuje yra, bet ir kažkur Latvijoje. :lol:

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Parašytas: 2023 Geg 20 21:19
Football spring in the top league: the adversity of champions, the ambitions of the favorites and the successful start of debutants
https://www.lsm.lv/raksts/sports/futbol ... s.a507275/
3 May 2023

The current champions "Valmiera" FC have not found a decent addition to the squad after the sale of the previous leaders;
Not everything is going smoothly for "Riga" FC, however, the team justifies the status of the main favorite allocated to it before the season;
FK RFS at the beginning of the season does not show the qualities that would suit the team playing in the UEFA Conference League last year;
FK "Liepāja" points are provided by legionnaires, but in the city of Winds, fans will only tolerate it as long as the results are good;
Debutants FS "Jelgava" equally surprise with a good performance and divorce from coach Ervīns Pērkons

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Parašytas: 2023 Geg 20 21:34
In order to receive a license to play in Europe, "Auda" must pay off debts to the SRS
https://sportacentrs.com/futbols/virsli ... eirokausos

After evaluating the documentation submitted by the applicants and the opinions of club licensing experts, UEFA licenses were granted to "Valmiera" for participation in the UEFA Champions League, as well as "Riga", RFS and "Auda" teams in the UEFA Europa Conference League, while SFK "Riga" - for participation in the UEFA Women's Champions League.

In relation to the "Auda" club, the organization's indebtedness to the State Revenue Service (SRS) has been established, therefore the club has been granted a license on condition that the payment of debts is made by May 15.

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Parašytas: 2023 Geg 22 23:41
Treimanis teisėjavo Armėnijos futbolo taurės finalo rungtynėse. 8-)

Re: Futbolas Latvijoje

Parašytas: 2023 Geg 26 06:03
Latvijos ledo rutulininkai nukalė švedus ir pateko į pasaulio čempinato pusfinalį. :shock: To be continued... :roll:
https://www.15min.lt/sportas/naujiena/z ... 1685044141

Kad kada nors Latvijos futbolo rinktinė pateks į pasaulio čempionato pusfinalį mažai tikėtina. :roll:

O lietuviai lyg liūtai... gali miegoti ir tingėti po 20 val. per parą, todėl niekada nešvies jokie pasaulio čempionatai. :roll: