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Re: Ne į temą

2019 Rgs 22 16:05

Kaip dabar išaiškėjo tai ir dalį maisto teks išmesti.....

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Re: Ne į temą

2019 Rgs 25 19:29

Ilgai ir as svarsciau apie naujo saldytuvo pasirinkima. Bet kazkaip apsistojau ties snaige. Parduotuveje pazystamas konsultantas sake, kad tai paprastas ir gerai tarnaujantis, plius jei prireiktu, ju servisas nesudetingas. Tad nusipirkau net pigesni nei planavau. Kaip ir daugeli prekiu, pirkau internetu nes ten geriausia kaina dazniausiai randu

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Re: Ne į temą

2019 Spa 04 17:08

Įdomi mintis iš think-tank'o temos apie ACB. ... el-part-2/
Juanan Morales: “When basketball was broadcast live on TVE, the ACB clubs did not have income from television rights. And they only showed one or two games, so the vast majority of matches were not shown. We as clubs have assigned to the ACB, as organizer of the competition, the television rights, the naming rights of the League, of official sponsors, etc. The ACB receives this income, deducts its expenses and the rest it distributes among the clubs in a fairly equal way. It is what we call ‘ACB distribution’, most of which corresponds to television rights. The only viable economic model for all the clubs is to sell the rights together. That is key.”
Juanan Morales: “There is one thing we must learn, not only from the NBA, but from the Americans and from show business—they tell you the perfect story. Sport in the United States is conceived as a spectacle and in Europe it is conceived as a passion. Therefore, there are parts of the NBA model that we should learn from, especially how they sell the product. But being clear that our product is basketball, sport, competition and passion. And when it comes to selling the ACB League, what I would emphasize is that what happens here is what really happens every weekend and there is always something at stake. That makes it different.”

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