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Gerardas Žukauskas

2020 Lap 06 04:30

Jam tik 26, tai pakursiu naują temą. Nuo 2019 žaidžia Danijoje, ketvirtame divizione - 2019 atstovavo Frederikshavn fI, šiemet žaidžia už IF Skjold Sæby. ... ler/183758

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24-year-old Gerardas Zukauskas from Lithuania is far from the prototype of a Series 3 player in Denmark.

The talented midfielder, who on Saturday was named Player of the Match in the Match of the Week in the Sparekassen Vendsyssel League, has been a professional football player in Lithuania for six years, where he is listed for 113 matches in the top tier. He has played in the Europa League for the club FK Atlantas and been on Lithuania's U21 national team.

Half a year ago he moved to Frederikshavn, where he now lives with his parents. He works - like his father - at Danish Crown in Sæby. The problem for Gerardas Zukauskas and FfI is that he works on the evening shift, that is between 15-23.

The Lithuanian is therefore not able to fit the training in FfI, and therefore he has to settle for playing on the second team in series 3. Here it is clear that FfI has a player with more qualities than you usually experience at this level.

However, Gerardas Zukauskas hopes that he can soon start working between. 7-15. He says that FfI is in dialogue with Danish Crown about changed working hours. If that happens, FfI's first team coach Troels Gaardbo has no doubt that Gerardas Zukauskas will earn a place on FfI's JS team.

Although the leap from A Lyga in Lithuania to Serie 3 in Denmark is big, the midfielder acknowledges that it is hard to play league football when you are not training.

- But I do it as best I can, and try to help my teammates, it sounds modest from Gerardas Zukauskas.

He makes no secret of the fact that he still has ambitions to play football at a high level, but so far he is giving it a go at FfI's Serie 3 team. On Saturday, he fought for the decisive penalty kick as FfI won 2-1 over SEIF.

- It was a derby and I'm glad we won. There were many battles on the field, but I think we won because we wanted it a little more, assesses Gerardas Zukauskas.
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Re: Gerardas Žukauskas

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